School History:

The school has been functioning for more than 55 years. During this period it’s been traditionally oriented on exact and natural advanced discipline teaching.  Pupils are admitted since 7th grade. They are required to take tests for admission. The school has changed its name for several times, although it’s fame and achievements have never grown dim. We’d also like to admit, that most Komarovi teachers are “komarovi Graduates”, that increases their enthusiasm. Highly qualified academic staff are constantly improving and upgrading teaching practices, as well as implementing new technologies in teaching process.

                                                              Komarovi Boarding-school:

Komarovi School has a boarding-school, which brings together all gifted pupils from every region of Georgia. They live in a boarding school. Students spend the second half of the day doing homework and attend school art and sport clubs.  The boarding school has   applied informatics and programming clubs, where pupils learn basics of informatics and office programs, create web-pages, participate in computing projects. In a conference hall different types of lessons are given using a projector and a Smart board.

                                                              School achievements:

At present the school owns gold, 9 silver, 14 bronze medals and 16 honors in a world physics and mathematics Olympiad, and furthermore, at national Olympiads and exams we have one of the best indicators,  as well as at national and international Olympiads. Over the years our students have won numerous awards at different categories of international Olympiads, contests and conferences.

                                                            Komarovi school achievements

The school has achieved a lot of success within the country as well as outside the country, continuously implementing new approaches in teaching, which is due to over the years accumulated experience. Over the last years the school has achieved a lot of success with the school administration and teacher’s staff. Among them:

  • The number of students who want to continue studying has grown up.
  •  The indicator of high marks at basic level has increased.
  •  The school steadily remains in one of the first places among the schools that have the highest  undergraduate enrollment.
  •  The number of winners in National Olympiads has increased.
  •  The number of humanitarian project participants has increased.
  •  The school takes part in International Olympiads independently.
  •  The number of disciplinary cases has decreased.
  •  The quality of information and communication technology teaching has been intensified and     evolved.
  •  Information and communication technologies are effectively used in teaching process.
  •  Sport and intellectual competitions are held regularly.
  •  The school has a successful chess club

                                                           School infrastructure

The school infrastructure includes three separate buildings. The school has a residential building, a kitchen, a dining room, a doctor’s cabinet, a library. The school has training rooms,computer rooms, a class of “future”. The school has open fields and indoor sports pitches with dressing rooms; tennis courts are being built near the school. The school area is equipped with defensive, fire alarm and external video systems. The school has 24 hour Security Service.