Saturday school

Saturday school has been functioning for already 17 years at Komarovi school and   gains more popularity annually.

Over the years Saturday school has gone through many changes and finally has formed into a mathematical and natural science oriented school for the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students. The lessons are held once a week and last for three hours.

The main goal of the school is to develop the pupil’s logical thinking from the beginning and promote their interest for natural science.

Saturday school lessons are exceptionally extraordinary. Specially designed schoolbooks and training appliances, interior equipped with modern technology and  interactive approach create the atmosphere where the student himself is interested to take part in the lesson.

Each group consists of 17-20 pupils, which gives us the opportunity of individual approach to each pupil. The teachers make sure that all the lesson material is clear for each pupil. The 3rd and 4th graders are taught mathematics and science through play, which makes the subject perception easier  for them. It is a widely used method in teaching practice and the results are useful. The lessons are held with the use of Smart Board. This method creates a positive  environment at the lesson and the children also master the material with joy.

As for the school books, Komarovi school has a special collection  for each class, which consists of tasks collected from different textbooks as well as the tasks written  by  Komarovi teacher’s.

This collection isn’t on sale, the pupils of  “Saturday School” are given it for  free. After one month at “ Saturday School”  academic achievement  of the pupils in mathematics and natural science greatly improves.

Komarovi school has a great experience and success in teaching exact and natural science as well as other subjects  in general.  This was the reason of implementing a   “ Saturday School” project, so that more students  who are interested in technical subjects  could feel themselves as a real “Komarovi pupils”.

The number of pupils at Saturday School annually increases. We believe that the reason is that parents understand the importance of developing science and technical skills in young generation,  so as a result more parents set a priority on mathematics and science together with English, music and sports.

Saturday School helps  pupils succeed in Olympiads. They show excellent results. Saturday School helps them develop the skills and gain the knowledge, that will bring success in different competitions in future. Komarovi school  has one of the best results in National Olympiads as well as international Olympiads in physics and mathematics.

We are often asked how can Saturday School help pupils continue studying at Komarovi school. Saturday School pupils have 2 chances to continue studying at Komarovi school.

At the end of module 3, final test is held in mathematics.

In case of vacancy 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th grade students can be enlisted in Saturday School.